Tuesday, April 3, 2018

♥ Well hello there, Spring Friends ♥

Wow! Just looking at the date of my last post, I would say, it's time for me to dive back into my blog! There are so many things I want to share with you. From auditioning soon to be {crossing fingers, eyes, toes, legs, everything} part of Graphic 45's Brand Ambassador call, to creating new Victorian style journals and tutorials galore to trying - and I do mean TRYing - to somehow create a youtube channel with video tutorials..........Well, Yes, just so many ideas and dreams and goals......

But, for now, the weather outside is frightful...but the fire, inside, delightful...Oh, WAIT a minute, It's not Christmas and I am not singing Christmas songs like there was no tomorrow.....Ok, the weather is terrible outside so I cannot get any great photos, so I will just share a few of my past favorites and tell you to please come back soon! Check back within a few days ya'll because I am going to be posting like a madwoman. And tons of photos. I LOVE photography and taking great shots of just about anything, so please come back soon, or follow my blog, or find me on Instagram or Facebook......

Here ya go - some shots of things I loved creating. Talk to ya'll soon, and It's SO GOOD to be finished with my dozens of custom orders and able to start getting back to my Artsy roots ♥

I totally forgot I even made rolled fabric roses. Hmmmmm...what else can I do that I forgot about?

Love ya'll, Happy Spring, hope you are all well, and thank you for stopping by :) ♥
See you soon then. Sher