Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dried Wreath Floral, Mother-In-Law Arrangement

Hello friends! I've been talking about the dried wreath arrangement I wanted to create using the flowers my husband's company bought for my Mother-In-Law's funeral...........and I have finally found the perfect Fern wreath, and the flowers are completely dried and here goes

 I did add a few Indian paintbrush and some kind of purple bush flower I saw on the side of the road in a patch, brought them home and sprayed with hairspray and they will dry as it hangs...Martha loved wildflowers. She loved anything from nature and "Country" - so I thought it fitting to add a few stems of side-of-the-road wildflowers. I think she would have approved!

Her passing was such a devastating loss to her family. She will be missed at every turn. There won't be a day that she will not be thought of, with fondness and with love for all she was to her family. She left behind 3 sons, and a sister, her husband, grand children, cousins, and dear friends...her church family, just so many people.....who loved her dearly.
God's love is eternal, and that is where she will live on - in Eternity.
Have a super Thursday evening ya'll and ....
I'll see you soon then. Sher