Tuesday, August 1, 2017

♥♥ Sweetest Paperie Shabby style Shoes♥♥

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away........................
I had a friend who was a contributing editor of a magazine headed by another editor friend in Florida. Long story short - she said "Sherri if you want to be in the magazine, make something, photograph it and send it to me"....................And the short version is this: I bought a package of "Wallies" - you simply wet the backs and stick them on your walls. I saw the sweetest Victorian/Shabby "Shoe" wallies, so I bought them and made the mostest and cutest-est Greeting cards out of them - that were similar to the ones I just created in the photos here in this blog post.

Well, I needed a new paper trimmer so of course I went to Amazon - the greatest online get-everything-you-need-and-still-need-more shopping site in the universe. And on a whim, I searched "Victorian Shoe" and "Wallies" - and I found them again. I found them after not having them since 2009! Crazy! Crazy I tell ya. So I bought the paper trimmer, and the Shoe Wallies of course, and I got free shipping to boot. And I created the 3-Card Greeting set here. And of course, for sale at my Etsy shop. So you see, good things DO come in small packages, plus a paper trimmer.

That's the short version. I have since been through a lot of trials, and tribulations. And I have lost touch with said editors and most of my scrapbook and altered art friends. But I recently purchased a "Care Package" of goodies from Lilybean {another old friend who's been in the business as long as I have}, and let me tell you - Stella got her Groove Back. In a really big way. In a really big and inspirational way. This past week, I have created dozens and dozens of Gift Tags and Cards and such for my Etsy Shop. - link to my shop is on my sidebar.

And I fell in love with Graphic 45 - a company I hope to impress with my Artistic skills in the paperie department so much so - that they'll choose me as an ambassador for their company to design in late February 2018' {Keep your fingers crossed for me ya'll} This was utterly and completely random that I told you this about me and Graphic 45. I love Graphic 45!

I am so happy ya'll are here. Let me know you stopped by and leave me a comment! What do you think about the Wallies Shoes Greeting Cards I made? ♥♥