Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Be Calm Wednesday ♥

Imagine yourself sitting, staring out into the lake water and feeling a calming effect wash over your entire body. Your state of mind is now beginning it's healing process, all your cares and worries are washed away like the softly flowing waters you see before you. In today's world getting a little bit of peace and serenity can be hard to find. Let's choose to seek it out for our well-being and overall health. I love the water like a mermaid. I love the sound, the smells, the sand in between my toes...
Happy Wednesday Ya'll - hope you have a peaceful day
See you soon then, Sher

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

All Hail Queen Victoria ♥ Greeting Cards with Flair

If you know me, you know there are a few particulars about my altered art making. For instance, I can't create anything new or contemporary or modern. And I absolutely cannot create anything without at least hand aging the edges with my trusty Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink or roughing it up to make it look OLD fashioned. Very Vintage Victorian. Old Old Old. As if you found an old trunk in grandma's attic that belonged to her mom, and her mom's mom...and so on and so forth. That were you to open it, the contents inside would have dust falling off, a musty smell, yellow edged photographs, and boll weevil carcass in the bottom. So you'll have to forgive me for the excitement I have in finding a Victorian photo filter for my Iphone and creating gorgeous layered photographs of my Altered Artwork - and sharing it with you here. It's called Snapseed and I'm addicted............................................♥♥♥
I like creating things that although aesthetic to the eye - are also purposeful for gifting. I made some pretty greeting cards and will use them for sending little tokens of friendship through snail-mail - a piece of jewelry that looks like a Victorian brooch, or maybe a sweet could possibly add little treasures you've found in nature, or maybe a seashell found on the beach......I used what I had handy - a brooch, and a few necklaces from my daughter's stash.......

And there you have it. Isn't it gorgeous! I love how you can manipulate the photos and used all the filters to create drama, or texture, or light...........................
I am getting things finished up around here, I have a custom order going to Minnesota, I have another Quilt to finish for my friend in New York, I am waiting on Envelopes to arrive for a huge order of cards for my client in New Jersey......and then in between my daughter is going to Regional for Tennis this week, I need to work on getting Humana dental for the family, Laundry, Cleaning the baseboards and windowsills, I have some doll blankets and pillows yet to make for my sweet Niece, handwritten notes to mail........Oh so many things to do.
But then again, what would life be like without all this mess and chaos and everyone going in opposite directions full force? Because one day - probably within a few short years - they won't be here. The kids will be on their own and starting their careers and lives...and moving on without mom and dad....And then I will have you guys - my friends here who read my blog and visit with me on Facebook and Instagram...and emails....and texts....and my paper company, and my scrapbooking, and what not....and I'm rambling AGAIN ya'll
See you soon then, Sher

Monday, April 9, 2018

♥Monday Greeting Card♥ Sewing Session

Hello friends! I can tell you this past week, has been overwhelming. I am so happy that my deadline of auditioning for Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador is over, I made some things I thought would be wonderful, and submitted all my info, and the rest I can leave in their hands. I've obsessed over it enough, what will be will be. Que Sera, Sera. ♥♥♥♥♥
Here is a sweet Greeting Card I made using Authentique's paper, I am not sure of the name exactly, as I got it at Tuesday Morning, but it's sweet and it looks like my sewing room. So, we'll call it, The Sewing Session greeting card...........................

A lot of fussy cutting, and I used pop-dots for the raised effect. I also used a sweet strip of fabric from the Caroline collection...sweet petite roses on creme. I finished the greeting card with sparkling crystals. I just love the pretty and shabby cottage style colors the print has....what about you?
I hope to create several things this week, and you better believe I'll be posting here!
HAPPY SPRING ---------------------------------------------------♥♥
See you soon then. Sher